Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Oct 30 Warsaw Class - RSVP please

Hi everyone,

I'm just about to start cutting cardstock (and on Sunday making cookies!)  for the October 30 Warsaw class.  6-730pm for the class.  Here are the projects:  a recipe box that you can fill with recipe cards and/or cookies; stamping on cookies; a card (it has pretty embossing with snow falling) along with the Christmas trees and then the stocking!!

The stocking is quite large - about 6" long and you can decorate these many ways.  The back of the stocking is a pillow box - so this stocking holds a gift card or small gifts.   These would be fun for an advent calendar.

Anyway... RSVP essential, can you let me know if you are "in" as soon as you know, ideally Wed/Thurs this week so I can be all prepared by Friday.  

Also... I'll have some retirement things on sale prior to class so feel free to arrive Oct 30 at 5pm at Warsaw.   

And if you wish, you can bring your own cardstock and I'll bring my dies and punches and you can use whatever you'd like.  email me with any requests for dies, stamps, punches to share with you.

Our November / December classes will be online - live and recorded and I'll have your kits for you at class.  I'll be posting on these kits this week and they will also be available outside of the local area.  There are 4 classes online and you can join from anywhere.  Stay tuned!!

Happy stamping, MaryKate

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