Our team is growing! We have team mates from many states and we have a great time together in person and online.  We are a very "chill" group and love that everyone does what THEY want as a demonstrator.  

Some of my team enjoy the discount, love getting all my tutorials free, appreciate the opportunity to borrow any set or dies I own or have fun hanging out with the "demo gang" in person and online, and others are creating great businesses.  It's about what you want. I'm here to support you as a demo, in the way that you choose.  

If you were a demonstrator and decided to drop your account, maybe you'd like to consider rejoining. It's a great time to do so and I'd love to have you join us. I think you'll have a lot of fun with our team.   

I hope you consider joining classes or my team.  I welcome hobby stampers to my team who join simply for the discount!  That's exactly what I did and it makes perfect sense to me :)  For $99 you choose $125 of exactly the products you want (yup a free $26 of goodies and no shipping) and then you have your own account and get 20% off everything. 

If you order $300 over a 3 month period, your account stays open, if not it closes and that's perfectly ok too.  No obligations, no contracts.  You can drop and then rejoin again later.  Whatever suits you.

If you wish to join, you click here

Join our team

I make crafting fun. I have fresh, creative ideas on using new Stampin Up stamp sets or paper. I also love to show you how to make the most of your own supplies. I make it easy to create pretty cards and packaging at my local class or online. As a team member you get ALL my tutorial instruction sets, borrow anything (any set, punch, die) from my crafting library, whatever you need to make this work for you. 

Crafting is my balance to my corporate day job and my way to relax. Life is busy (husband, job, volunteering) so I need my crafting to be fun, produce great results, easily and quickly with a wow factor.

My Stampin Up classes and customer purchases allow me to earn and give money for wonderful school projects (my way to join my new Maine community). Our class profits have bought computers, Apple TV, instruments, our school Robotics team, schools supplies, library renovations, and more! When you shop with me, you’ll know that the profits from the sales go to wonderful school and community projects.

I hope you consider crafting with me. Our classes are full of fun, laughter, and lovely people and we all get excited to see how each person makes a project their own. Take home the detailed instructions and adapt a project for your own friends and family to enjoy.

I hope you consider joining my team, I feel truly honored when people choose to join my team.
Why join?
Most people who join want to get the 20-25% off products they love. Some people want to make a hobby business or a bigger business with Stampin Up (but most of us just love our 20% off!)

I work around the country and am comfortable being present in person and virtually online. If you live far from me, you’ll feel close to our team as you join our video classes and meetings, connect on our closed Facebook page, see others creations, watch how to use new products and enjoy a “rockin great time”.

 Joining my team also means you are part of Y Knot Stamp Everything wonderful community, and you participate in a national team with brilliant ideas and lots of sharing.  You can participate in our weekly stamping competition (winner drawn at random!) I know you’re going to love it whether you are a hobbyist, hobby business or super star business demonstrator!

Why did I call my site SipCraftCare?

Well... SIP is StampsInkPaper but sip is also about sipping coffee or  wine and as a wine educator sommelier I do a lot of wine sipping :), Crafting.. well it's what do we do to relax and have fun .. and Care... our profits from product sales go to local community projects.  Do you have a project that you would like us to support? Please reach out to

Please feel free to leave a comment on my blog or email me at, I love to hear from you and get your project ideas and requests and answer your questions.  Don't hesitate to reach out if any of my instruction sheets need further clarification.