Thursday, September 29, 2016

Inking Everything Facebook Hop today!

Welcome to the Inking Everything Team Facebook Hop! 

Our team of 24 have each posted 2 projects on our Facebook pages.  Hop along with us!

Go to 

and then click at the end of each post and you'll see each of our 2 projects.  We are celebrating the Holiday 2016 catalog, so you'll see Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and more. Enjoy!

My projects are the Halloween Luminaries and the Halloween Night card.  

The Halloween Luminaries are made with the Halloween Scenes Dies and the Home and Hearth Framelits.   You can use the petite cafe bags but I used simple Kraft bags I found on Amazon.

 The Halloween Night card uses the new Halloween Night Designer Paper and my favorite Single Stamp the Halloween Treat (lots of use for $11!) 

 The ghostly swirls come from the mask with Pumpkin Pie ink.  Don't forget to put the rhinestone in the top window of the spooky house.  A project sheet is also in the same tab of Ideas, Projects Free Things.  

Happy Crafting!  Thanks for stopping by and if you need anything, please consider shopping with SipCraftCare - thank you!  MaryKate

Holiday Crafting Workshop Oct 22 2016 1-4pm Pittsfield ME

Check out the tab "Workshops and Events".  Big news - a new Holiday Crafting Workshop October 22 2016 1-4pm.  This is a new (longer) class with 5 wow projects, lots of prizes, displays, ideas, demonstrations.  I'll be posting on the projects.  We have only 40 spots.  It's at the First Congregational Church in Pittsfield and is $15 by October 17 and $25 after that (if there is space).   Info on projects and other details on the tab "Workshops and Events"  :)  email me to confirm your spot!

The Halloween Scenes Fold Up Bag

Such a fun class this week and this was one of our projects.  Size is hard to tell in photographs and this one is about 4" high and 2" wide and 2" deep (so it holds a good sized treat bag).

It's super easy to fold and really hard to write instructions.  Halloween Night Designer paper, 4" x 10", score on the short side 1" from each edge and on the long side, score at 4" and 6".  I did upload an instruction sheet (see the tab Ideas, Projects and Free Things) but, at class we agreed the easiest way to describe the corner fold is with a photo.

So ... after burnishing the sides, fold up the side.  See the part that is 2" x 1" (that will be the side) don't put a crease in that, keep that flat, and fold the corner of the side up the edge of the box.  Here's another photo.. again this is so easy once you do it once (promise!)

Can you see it better here... the side "walls" are flat and you press the corner to the side of the box that will be either front or back.  

and when it's done, you clip it closed (gold binder clip, clothespin, cute box clips, whatever you have on hand) and decorate the front.  You'll see I used the tree and pumpkins from Halloween Scenes.  

At class we had a few moments... and then once folded you have this "ah ha" moment and then you see it's so quick and cute.  Happy stamping.  Send me an email if you have a question, happy to help!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Paper Pumpkin September 2016 Halloween "treat tubes"

I like this month - really fun, cute projects.  What did you all think?  

Sometimes I blow a bit hot and cold on Paper Pumpkin and usually I love the card kits but less so the projects but I like this one (wait, I did like the calendar, and the gem boxes and the heart banner) so maybe I like more than the cards!  If you're a fan of this month, you can get the refill for $8 (kit minus stamps and ink) but it was popular so get one fast if you're inclined :)

Here's the video link for September's kit and projects 

Monday, September 26, 2016

Halloween Night Reminder Cards with Tassels

I make these reminder cards 3-4 times a year… either with a flower (Flower Patch) or the ice cream cone (the Sprinkles set) or with Foxy (from Foxy and Friends). This time, I had a bunch of small pieces of the houses from the Halloween Night Designer Paper that were close to 3 x 2. 

So I glued the small house on a 3 x 2 black cardstock, punched with the scalloped tag topper punch.   I punched flash cards (3 x 2). 

The ring is ½” binder ring, I get mine off Amazon (search ½” binder ring).  I added some ribbon and the new tassels… I think I’ll add in a rhinestone in the top window of the house. 

I clip mine onto my wristlet wallet and jot down my grocery or errand reminders.  I think these will be a giveaway at my next class. 

What are you doing with the new tassels?  

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Acorny Thank You Ghirardelli Chocolate Holder

This is a really simple fast project that we did last Valentine’s Day.  As I was looking through my fall stamps, the Acorny Thank You just popped out along with its matching punch. 

It's a bit hard to see the size of things, so below you'll see it's just the size of a Ghiradelli Square Chocolate. 

Very Vanilla 6 x 2 (but cut it a “shy” 2” or 1 5/16”), score at 2 7/8 and 3 1/8.  Punch out each end with the Scalloped Tag Topper Punch.  Fold and burnish.

Stamp the acorn and an acorn top, I couldn’t decide which top so I stamped out a few J   Do you like the dots or the diamonds?

Stamp thankful and cut that out with sharp scissors.  I used Delight Dijon and Rich Razzleberry.

Put 2 dimensionals on the back of the acorn.  Wrap copper thread around 3 of your fingers, about 7 loops, then squash onto the back of the dimensionals. It will look messy at the back but don’t worry.

Now add the acorn, the top, and thankful with dimensionals.

Slip in a ghirardelli chocolate.  I don’t glue it in but you could. 

I love the Razzleberry and Dijon Ribbons in the Holiday 2016 catalog and used them on this project. 

Here's how I make my ties.

To make the tie, I tied it a bit like necktie. Cut the ribbon about 8” to make it easier to tie.  Put the end through the front, then the back hole.   Take the front and wrap it around the back of the other ribbon and bring it to the front, 
and up through the hole that you made as you wrapped it around the back. 

Then use the knot like a slip-knot and adjust it, trim the ends.

If you’re thinking why not cut it 6” in the first place… well… it’s so much easier to tie it with 8”. 

There's a project sheet in the tab Ideas, Projects and Free things. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Vintage Leaves Border Cards

This card making is very relaxing stamping, the pattern is random and it always turns out so pretty.  Scroll down a bit and you'll it's a messy but fun process!  Here's the finished card.

Paper Measurements
Very Vanilla
2 3/8 x 3 5/8
3 ¾ x 5
Cajun or Artichoke or Olive or Curry or Taupe
2 5/8 x 3 7/8
4 x 5 14

Very Vanilla Card base 8 ½ x 5 ½ folded in half
Very Vanilla scrap for a leaf or leaves

On the large vanilla piece, stamp with 3-6 of the leaves in 3-6 colors focusing on the border (you’ll only see about a little over 1”

See how messy the middle looks on the left?  You cover that with the smaller vanilla piece.

Stamp and Cut out either a big leaf (Cajun oak leaf to the right or 3 leaves above). Adhere to small vanilla piece.  Stamp the sentiment.   Make a little linen thread bow and glue to the leaf stem.  Adhere all the layers together. 

I love a pretty package and this one is simple and inexpensive.  

To make the tag, mask the vanilla banner with post it notes -- see the photo below - can you see there's about a 3/4" strip of vanilla showing?Stamp 3 leaves with the leaf tips on the exposed vanilla.  

Adhere the stamped banner to a banner 1 size larger.   Clip to the Kraft Bag with a gold clip.   

There's a project sheet in the tab "Ideas, Projects and Free Things"  

Happy Stamping 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Halloween Night White Shadow Box Light

This box glows with a red tea light or gives off spooky shadows with a flickering tea light.  

The Halloween Night Designer Paper includes a single sheet of heavy weight black paper embossing in silver spider webs.  I used this sheet and cut pieces as follows:
6 ¼ x 2 ¾
2 ¾ x 2 ¾ cut 3 of these (2 sides and the front)

Or you could take black cardstock and the spider web stamp and emboss with silver on the black cardstock.

Cut off the 2 flaps on the white box, see the blue arrows in the photo. These are 8 for $8 in the Holiday catalog and include clear sleeves).  We’re not using the sleeves for this project but I’m going to save mine, I think I’l find another use for this J

Round the corners of the 6 ¼ x 2 ¾ and adhere to the inside of the box.  Adhere the 3 other square pieces to the front and 2 sides.

Stamp the image (I love this single stamp, so many uses!) and cut it out.  Adhere to the front of the box.  

Cut out the witch, bat, and tombstones and adhere to the long piece inside the box.  When you put the tea light in, the foil catches the shadows of the tea light. Insert a few small candy bars and black crinkle paper.

There's a project sheet in the tab "Ideas, Projects and Free Things".

Thank you Angie Juda for the idea.  I made a few adaptations and decorated this differently. 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Cheers to You

The Cheers to You Tag set is designed for Christmas giving of bottles (wine, vinegars, lotions, anything in a bottle).   The 2016 Holiday catalog includes 6 x 17 cello bags which are perfect to use for wine bags or loaf or cookie bags.  

So… it’s a cute stamp and die set that allows you to quickly and easily package wine or homemade loaves.  You stamp the greeting and using the die set cut the tag and tag pieces.  The tag includes space to thread some ribbons.  

I’ve matched the wine with the ribbons.. So the Sauternes above  left with the gold label and green cap got the gold and emerald envy ribbons and the Silver Oak with the red and silver label got real red and silver foil (above right). 

The Pride and Artesa wines above  have stunning copper labels so I used the new copper foil and copper embossing.

Here's my tip for the ribbon: cut about 15" of 1 or 2 coordinating ribbon, put the tag on the bottle and then loop the ribbon.  Then use a glue dot between the tag and the ribbon and another glue dot between the ribbons.

This was easy packaging, I think I'll try this with some of the specialty oils and vinegar's for gifts.  Happy Stamping!

Friday, September 16, 2016

A great video on how to make your own custom sized boxes

Have you ever wondered how to make your own custom sized boxes?  This is a great video from Stampin Up on how to make a box and how to figure out the measurements to make a specific sized gift box.  

I love that they used and we can see this new designer paper that is embossed (not emboss resist but embossed as in “indented” with a pattern) called Fancy Frost Designer Paper.  I must be honest – I ordered this and when it arrived I was not sure about it and now just love it!!   The patterns are gorgeous (bit hard to see white on white I know!)

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Spooky Fun Halloween Nugget Bags with Tags

A Fun Treat Bag – take a 2 x 8 cello bag and put in a strip of designer paper about 1 7/8 x 6   The 1/8 makes a big difference as the paper just slides in (and at 2” it’s slow and frustrating!)  Or skip the paper and just pour in the Reeces Pieces! 

Pour in the Reeces Pieces or wrap the nuggets in a piece of designer paper ¾ x 3”.  Pop into the bag.    

Stamp the tag, I used the Halloween Spooky Fun Set.  For the spider web tag, I dragged the scalloped edge on the ink pad and made a bit of ink drip (like blood :)

How did I get the scalloped edge on my tag?  Layering squared dies – the set is 19 dies in straight and scalloped edges.    

You can close a few different ways.  I liked the tag with the moon witch and Happy Halloween and the new Halloween twine… but… if I were doing 20 of these I’d fold the bag and staple on the tag!

If you’ve crafted with me before you’ve heard of the “Emma series” for treats.   My friend likes to make a treat for ALL of Emma’s  20+ classmates so I like to think of projects that are great for making 20+ items (I’m thinking speed and costs J)  I think this is a great Emma project - what do you think?

Would you share your advice... I'm offering these at a Craft Fair, how much should I charge for each?  It's a Nokomis High School October 8.  Thank you!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Wow - 100+ new clearance items!! Shop now, they are likely to go fast!

Wow StampinUP just posted 100+ clearance items, as these go quick I wanted to let you know. My favorites ... red foil at $2.20 the blessings stamp set at $8 (search 136720), and a new 1/4" punch at $5.40 

If you enter our host code SUWQCDNX I promise you a share in our host freebies :) 

I'll post a pretty card or box tomorrow - but right now I'm busy shopping :)

Monday, September 12, 2016

Sheltering Tree in many sizes

This is a classic and stunning stamp set that works year round for hello’s, thank you’s, thinking of you and more. 

Right now it’s Fall and I’m in the Thanksgiving / Fall mood… so I’m using 1 of the 4 sentiments “thankful for you” a lot but I’ve sent these cards in Spring, Summer and Winter.  

This set also makes stunning home d├ęcor when you create and frame the 4 seasons.

There's a full set of instructions with dimensions in the tab above "Ideas, Projects and Free Things".  

Happy Stamping

Friday, September 9, 2016

Halloween Scenes Card with Ghostly Masking

This card is all about the new Halloween Designer Paper with the cardstock and the matching seasonal mask.   Do you see the ghostly swirls on the pumpkin cardstock?  

These masks are 4 for $6 and I think I'll use these all fall with holiday projects, as I see all kinds of cute ideas for the snow (top left) and stripes (bottom right).  Today I used the swirls (bottom left) as they look ghostly to me 

Place the mask on the card and if you wish secure with post it note tape. Cover your surface as it will get inky around the edges.   With the sponge brayer or a regular sponge, roll the brayer on the ink pad 2-3 times and then roll it on the card.  Layer on the color, you can see my practice piece in the middle is darker and my card on the left is lighter.  I did it lightly so it looks ghostly!   

Brayering is easy, and sometimes you’ll think that the brayer doesn’t have any ink on it but it does!  

Remember you can always add color but you can’t take it away!!

Add the Designer Paper 1 x 5 ½ along the left edge.  I used the bat paper from Halloween Night.   

Cut the black cardstock  2 ¾ x 4 ¼  Add the designer paper of Halloween Houses 2 ¼ x 4 ¼  on the black and adhere to the card.  I added a rhinestone in the window.

Stamp the greeting from the single large stamp “Halloween Treat” and cut out just Happy Halloween.   See the tag on the right -- that's the whole stamp.  I'll be using this single stamp a lot (it's good deal for $11 as really you get 3 stamps in 1 with all the cut out options.

Adhere the greeting to  a piece of black 3 ¼ x ½  with pennant ends and I’d add dimensionals (why not?!) and then decorate with Halloween dots.  Add the twine with a bow.    

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Team Card Swaps - My Contribution for Holiday 2016

Holiday swaps – one of my favorite things to do with my Inking Everything Team.  We each make 12 cards and send them to our Swap Coordinator Ruthie in Arkansas (we are all over the US!).  Ruthie keeps us in line!   Ruthie sends us 12 cards back and ta da....we have 12 card ideas to share.  We all craft so differently so this really is great to see different styles.

Here’s my swap, I used the Cookie Cutter Christmas Stamp and Punch.  The set includes my reindeer and a Santa, Gingerbread man, Eskimo Doll and Bear (yesterday I posted on the Eskimo Doll). 

It sounds a lot of work to make 12 cards but it’s really quick (the slow part is choosing something from the new catalog and doing my best to make it wow as I know all the others will send me special cards!)    I  stamp and punch all the pieces, and then “batch “ it up.  

I did a slider card.  A few tips:  make sure the foam strips are far from the item you are spinning on the slider “smile” (the groove).  Use 2 pennies (or 2 washers) with a dimension to hold the pennies together but make sure your dimension is rounded so your item spins.   These foam strips are great as they can bend really easily (also perfect for shaker cards).  Below you can see the back of the card.  

And don’t forget all the embellishments to make it fun.  My reindeer has a red dot that I covered in glue from the fine tip glue pen and it stays shiny after it’s dry.  My “girl” reindeer got a red twine bow. 

 My “spinner” is the hearts from Foxy and Friends, we’ve had a ton of fun with this set at classes this summer! Come to class and vote on your favorite swap!  

Happy stamping!