Friday, October 13, 2017

Day 12 The Recipe Card Box with Christmas Around the World paper and Stamp your own Cookies!

First of all -- oops -- I thought this posted yesterday (there's a lot going on at my house right now with a husband home after double knee replacements, thanks for understanding! MK)

The holidays mean treats and goodies!  We’ll make a recipe box that holds 3 x 5 recipe cards, and put in a recipe for the cookies and icing and also a cookie.  Or you can put in a bag stamped cookies.

The box is easy (I created by copying a box that holds make-up wipes, just a little bigger).  It’s amazing where you can find packaging ideas!

Garden green card stock 10 ¼ x 5 ½
Score on the long side at ½, 2 ½, 7 ¾, 9 ¾
Score on the short side at 2
Trim the sides at an angle.  See the photo

Cover the front panel with the Around the World designer paper with all the treats 5 x 2

Now make your cookies.  These are sugar cookies with Wilton royal icing (available at Walmart or on Amazon).  You’ll need food gel (mine is Wilton).  Make sure the cookies are iced and the icing is smooth and firm. 

Clean your stamps (it’s food after all!).  Dip your stamp in the gel and gently press your image on the cookie.  It took me about 5-6 cookies to get the feel for this.  I found the rubber stamps were easier but both rubber and photopolymer work.  Also I think the simpler designs work best.  You can buy food pens to color in (who knew!?)  I decided to be totally honest with you and show you my first 3 cookies.. They get better with practice J

Once the cookies are dry put them in a bag and into the box with the recipe.  We are making the box, and stamping on cookies Mon Oct 30 at Warsaw, an RSVP is essential to ensure I have supplies for you.

Happy stamping - MaryKate

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