Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Seasonal Color Fall Candle (stamping on wax or a waxy finish)

I had several questions on the candle that was part of my fall set (class is Sat September 30 - I'll need an RSVP by Friday morning very latest.

I bought mine at the Dollar Store for $1. 

Here's another photo without the flickering light.

Stamp the leaf images on tissue paper on the smooth side.

Cut out the image – not super close but not too much overhang.

Place on your candle making sure the inked side is on the candle

Cover the tissue with wax paper (so the candle is wrapped all the way round so it’s easy to hold the candle and the wax paper), the wax paper will be firmly against the candle.  

With the heat tool, heat the stamped image and the wax paper covering it.    Don’t burn it or melt the candle!!  Be careful the heat tool is hot!   then slowly peel off the wax paper and make sure you have melted the tissue paper and inked images onto the candle.  You can re-wrap the candle in the wax paper if you need more heat.

You can use real wax candles, or my example uses an LED candle from the Dollar Store $1 with a waxy finish.. It works great, but don’t over heat it… it’s only $1 and doesn’t have that much wax!

A few mistakes… first I love the look of the many leaves on this one.  

However, I didn’t do a great job of trimming the tissue close to the leaves – see how the tissue shows?  

Also I didn’t wrap my candle tightly and so the tissue wrinkled. 

Anyway, I still like it but thought seeing a few mistakes might give you some tips

Stay tuned for our Big Holiday Crafting Event Oct 14 in Pittsfield ME and also I’ll have 12 days of Holiday Crafting Oct 1-12 on my blog.

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happy stamping, MaryKate

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