Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Spooky Day 5 the Spooky Cat Wreath

About a month ago, I posted on how to make this wreath with daisy paper.  (search using the word “daisy” or “wreath”). 

This wreath was designed by very talented Greta Leonard of our Y Knot Stamp Everything team.  And at class a few weeks ago, we decided it would be a fabulous Halloween decoration.
So here it is using the Spooky Cat Designer Paper.  If you’d like to make one, I’m hosting a class Sept 16th at 2pm (see events and workshops tab).

I created this instruction set as I made a bunch of mistakes the first time I tried to create it.  So I hope these tips and ideas make it easy for you. The wreath – funny but several brands say they are 12” but turns out they are not 12” (really!).  I like the Panacea brand and you can buy them on Amazon for $2-$4.  

The price varies but you can buy 12  of the Panacea for about $2 each.   These instructions are for the Panacea which is 12”. 

You need 48 pieces 2” x 4”.  I found it easy to cut 4 x 12 strips, score at ½” (you don’t need to but it makes it so much faster and easier and more even when putting it together. 

I think you also need 12 strips of 1” x 4” paper, and 6 strips of 1 ½ x 4.  I’ll point out where these go.

You MUST have a glue gun… the first wreath I did I tried with snail and tombow… ugh.. It did not work.  I figured if I kept adding tombow liquid it would stick. Nope.  Paper strips still keep on coming off.

I used about 2-3 mini glue sticks.  I got my glue gun for $3.50 at Walmart and about 10 sticks for $3. 

Triple banner punch essential… or you need to hand cut each piece (crazy talk).  Love this punch, super useful.  It punches (or flags) the ends into the perfect vee and is set up for 1, 1 1/2 and 2" strips.  

So now you are set up…
Fold over the top of the 2 x 4 strips and put in a small squirt of hot glue.  It dries fast so put the strip right on the wire and squeeze it closed. 

Start with the bottom layer. There are 6 sections to the wreath.  You’ll add a 2” strip next to the dividers and in between a 1 ½ strip.  Do all 6 sections.

Row 2 you need only two of the 2 x 4 (don’t worry about the gap.)

Row 3 you need two of the 2 x 4 and one of the 1 x 4 for each of the 6 sections.

Finishing it up
You are now on the last row, the inner circle.  As you glue the strips down you’ll find they stick up at first so just push them down (or turn your wreath over and let it sit upside down over night).

You’ll need two of the 2 x 4s for each section.  However you can still see the “struts” of green that separate the sections. 

So the last thing you do is to adhere down 1” strips on each of these struts and then embellish the wreath.   I found I had to put glue on the 1” paper and right on the strut as well (see the photo below)

I decided on 2 Spooky Cats facing each other on a burlap bow.  To make the one that is facing left, punch out a cat in basic black cardstock. Turn it over.  Stamp the eyes only (using craft ink) that is part of the Spooky Cat stamp set.  Or draw on the eyes with your white watercolor pencil or a white pen.  I used 1 yard of burlap ribbon is a loose bow created with our bow makers, and attached with the glue gun.

I have 13 projects coming your way Sept 1-13 207 and if you’d like a pdf of all 13 projects, just place an order in my online store and use the host code (any amount is fine), or be a member of my team and all my tutorials are yours.  We have a fabulous fun team from all over the US with virtual support, weekly win-a-stamp-set competitions, with lots of ideas.  Great for hobby stampers who enjoy the 20% discount, lots of business support for a business demo. I’d be happy to email you the PDF of all projects! 

Happy Halloween - MaryKate

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