Monday, September 11, 2017

Day 11 of 13 Spooky Halloween Projects - The Nugget bag with the Merry Little Labels

Fun to do these nugget bags every year. I know it’s not a new one but these are always so popular.

Insert either designer paper or card stock into the 2x8 cello bag, I used about 1 15/16 x 4.  then cut your scraps of designer paper into 1 x 3 and wrap your nuggets.  I used the caramel nuggets as I loved the copper look.  Or don’t worry about wrapping the nuggets, with the copper paper they look cute.

Insert the nuggets in the bag, staple shut and trim the excess off the bag.

Stamp a label on Very Vanilla and punch out the label.  Some labels look good folded and some you put the whole label on the front.    Sometimes I tie the bag and put on a bow, other times, just a fold and staple.  Do you have a preference?

I think I like the folded one with the Eat at Your Own Risk from Labels to Love and Spooky Cat sets.

I attached some Halloween twine – the copper ribbon would also look great.

I have 13 projects coming your way Sept 1-13 207 and if you’d like a pdf of all 13 projects, just place an order in my online store and use the host code (any amount is fine), or be a member of my team and all my tutorials are yours.  We have a fabulous fun team from all over the US with virtual support, weekly win-a-stamp-set competitions, with lots of ideas.  Great for hobby stampers who enjoy the 20% discount, lots of business support for a business demo. I’d be happy to email you the PDF of all projects! 

Happy Halloween!!


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