Friday, September 2, 2016

Back to School Backpack in Warmth and Cheer

This is quite a big backpack and measures 6” tall, 4 ½” wide and 2 ½ deep so I put in a water bottle, composition book, pens, EOS lip balm stick, a gift card and a greeting card.   I wanted a backpack for teens/college students and my friend wanted a teacher gift and I think it works for both!

The small front pocket was sized for a gift card.   Later (after this photo!) I put on pearls that I colored with a sharpie for a "button" look closure.  The bag closes with velcro dots. 

There's a full set of color instructions in the tab to the right, Ideas, Projects and Free Stuff.  Let me know if you make one and if you have any questions.  

And please consider shopping with SipCraftCare, as our profits support great school projects.  This month is the Manson Park Pre-K Numbers Letter Colors Project.  Thank you! 

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