Saturday, September 17, 2016

Cheers to You

The Cheers to You Tag set is designed for Christmas giving of bottles (wine, vinegars, lotions, anything in a bottle).   The 2016 Holiday catalog includes 6 x 17 cello bags which are perfect to use for wine bags or loaf or cookie bags.  

So… it’s a cute stamp and die set that allows you to quickly and easily package wine or homemade loaves.  You stamp the greeting and using the die set cut the tag and tag pieces.  The tag includes space to thread some ribbons.  

I’ve matched the wine with the ribbons.. So the Sauternes above  left with the gold label and green cap got the gold and emerald envy ribbons and the Silver Oak with the red and silver label got real red and silver foil (above right). 

The Pride and Artesa wines above  have stunning copper labels so I used the new copper foil and copper embossing.

Here's my tip for the ribbon: cut about 15" of 1 or 2 coordinating ribbon, put the tag on the bottle and then loop the ribbon.  Then use a glue dot between the tag and the ribbon and another glue dot between the ribbons.

This was easy packaging, I think I'll try this with some of the specialty oils and vinegar's for gifts.  Happy Stamping!

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