Thursday, September 15, 2016

Spooky Fun Halloween Nugget Bags with Tags

A Fun Treat Bag – take a 2 x 8 cello bag and put in a strip of designer paper about 1 7/8 x 6   The 1/8 makes a big difference as the paper just slides in (and at 2” it’s slow and frustrating!)  Or skip the paper and just pour in the Reeces Pieces! 

Pour in the Reeces Pieces or wrap the nuggets in a piece of designer paper ¾ x 3”.  Pop into the bag.    

Stamp the tag, I used the Halloween Spooky Fun Set.  For the spider web tag, I dragged the scalloped edge on the ink pad and made a bit of ink drip (like blood :)

How did I get the scalloped edge on my tag?  Layering squared dies – the set is 19 dies in straight and scalloped edges.    

You can close a few different ways.  I liked the tag with the moon witch and Happy Halloween and the new Halloween twine… but… if I were doing 20 of these I’d fold the bag and staple on the tag!

If you’ve crafted with me before you’ve heard of the “Emma series” for treats.   My friend likes to make a treat for ALL of Emma’s  20+ classmates so I like to think of projects that are great for making 20+ items (I’m thinking speed and costs J)  I think this is a great Emma project - what do you think?

Would you share your advice... I'm offering these at a Craft Fair, how much should I charge for each?  It's a Nokomis High School October 8.  Thank you!!

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