Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Halloween Scenes Fold Up Bag

Such a fun class this week and this was one of our projects.  Size is hard to tell in photographs and this one is about 4" high and 2" wide and 2" deep (so it holds a good sized treat bag).

It's super easy to fold and really hard to write instructions.  Halloween Night Designer paper, 4" x 10", score on the short side 1" from each edge and on the long side, score at 4" and 6".  I did upload an instruction sheet (see the tab Ideas, Projects and Free Things) but, at class we agreed the easiest way to describe the corner fold is with a photo.

So ... after burnishing the sides, fold up the side.  See the part that is 2" x 1" (that will be the side) don't put a crease in that, keep that flat, and fold the corner of the side up the edge of the box.  Here's another photo.. again this is so easy once you do it once (promise!)

Can you see it better here... the side "walls" are flat and you press the corner to the side of the box that will be either front or back.  

and when it's done, you clip it closed (gold binder clip, clothespin, cute box clips, whatever you have on hand) and decorate the front.  You'll see I used the tree and pumpkins from Halloween Scenes.  

At class we had a few moments... and then once folded you have this "ah ha" moment and then you see it's so quick and cute.  Happy stamping.  Send me an email if you have a question, happy to help!

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