Thursday, September 8, 2016

Team Card Swaps - My Contribution for Holiday 2016

Holiday swaps – one of my favorite things to do with my Inking Everything Team.  We each make 12 cards and send them to our Swap Coordinator Ruthie in Arkansas (we are all over the US!).  Ruthie keeps us in line!   Ruthie sends us 12 cards back and ta da....we have 12 card ideas to share.  We all craft so differently so this really is great to see different styles.

Here’s my swap, I used the Cookie Cutter Christmas Stamp and Punch.  The set includes my reindeer and a Santa, Gingerbread man, Eskimo Doll and Bear (yesterday I posted on the Eskimo Doll). 

It sounds a lot of work to make 12 cards but it’s really quick (the slow part is choosing something from the new catalog and doing my best to make it wow as I know all the others will send me special cards!)    I  stamp and punch all the pieces, and then “batch “ it up.  

I did a slider card.  A few tips:  make sure the foam strips are far from the item you are spinning on the slider “smile” (the groove).  Use 2 pennies (or 2 washers) with a dimension to hold the pennies together but make sure your dimension is rounded so your item spins.   These foam strips are great as they can bend really easily (also perfect for shaker cards).  Below you can see the back of the card.  

And don’t forget all the embellishments to make it fun.  My reindeer has a red dot that I covered in glue from the fine tip glue pen and it stays shiny after it’s dry.  My “girl” reindeer got a red twine bow. 

 My “spinner” is the hearts from Foxy and Friends, we’ve had a ton of fun with this set at classes this summer! Come to class and vote on your favorite swap!  

Happy stamping!

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