Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Mica Flakes or Dazzling Diamonds??

The Holiday 2016 catalog offers the new mica flakes.  These are thick flakes that come in green gold and white.

Yesterday I posted the Eskimo Doll card and I'll use that card to show you the difference between the flakes and diamonds.

I’ve used mica flakes on the Eskimo doll on the left and dazzling diamonds on the doll on the right.  The dazzling diamonds are like a fine sparkling dust, whereas the flakes are a flake and have more dimensional.  I think they look fluffier.    Below is a photo of the 3 colors and I think it shows how fluffy they are.   And they have sparkle too!

I use either Tombow mono liquid glue or the fine tip glue pen and dot on the glue, sprinkle the dazzling diamonds or mica flakes and let dry at least 30 minutes. 

In this case, I prefer the mica flakes – which do you like?

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