Saturday, September 29, 2018

Team crafting!

We meet as a team on the last Thursday of the month and I share information, ideas, business tips...but our favorite part is the team crafting.

Everyone gets a package mailed to them (we are all over the country!) and we connect on Facebook Live.  I make the projects and everyone crafts along together.  It's recorded so some people choose to watch it later.  Here are the projects I made for September.  

I provide a few tips, ideas and some "how-to's".  

Everyone is asked to post their projects so we can see how each person "makes it their own".  It will be fun to see how each person chose to close their treat packaging.  I used a hat glued to a clothespin, and for the other one (the 2 x 8 bag) I stapled some sparkle ribbon on the back and added the cauldron, I hope the ribbon looks like something coming out of the cauldron!!

I'll post team projects here in the next week or so, that way you can get some fun ideas!  

We are a fun team of hobby stampers who like their 20% discount and also have several team members really making a great business... I love everyone does it "their way".  Click on Connect and Join tab to learn more about us!  Or email me

Happy crafting, MaryKate

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