Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Paper Pumpkin Sept 2018 Spooky fun kit

I love this Paper Pumpkin.  24 treat bags with fun labels and spooky eek and boo words.

The kit comes with everything: stamps, ink, all supplies!

We created these at class on Monday along with 2 other projects (the wiper card - see the post here) Click here to the pop up "wiper" card

Here's a short "how to" video put out by Stampin Up to make the projects. Warning on this video... the presenter is a bit odd (just my opinion!), still this 3 min video is a quick easy way to show you the kit!

These kits are still available either with the stamps and ink and all supplies $20 or just the supplies (if you have the stamps or stamps that will work with this kit $9).

Happy Halloween, MaryKate

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