Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Triangle Pouch

Fold your 7 x7 piece in half to make a triangle.  Your triangle points are open at point  "A".   Put the 2 open ends at the top (point A).  

Fold the right point B of the triangle to the left side middle C and then the left point D to  the other side E (see the diagram).  Now fold down 1 of the top sides. so take 1 of your "A" points and fold it down so it's about 2/3 from the bottom.

To make room in your pouch turn it upside down and you’ll see a crease at the bottom.  Run your finger along the crease pushing out the edges.  This will give you volume in the pouch

 Decorate with a doily and a tag.  Insert a square chocolate and gift card. 

One idea is to cover a clothespin with 2 shapes (I used Christmas trees) and clip to the pouch.  Or a simple "to from" also works. btw... the clothespins are on sale! $2.20 for 24 pins. 

Are you sitting there wondering why 7x7 instead of 6 x 6 given how many more you could make with your 12x12 paper???

You can make this 6 x 6 to hold a treat but it’s too small for a gift card
See the side by side below comparing the 7x7 vs 6x6.  See how the right one is a bit small for the gift card???   But if 6x6 is what you have, I think it still works. :) 

Not sure why I didn't add a tag to the one on the right... guess I'll go do that now :)

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