Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Candy Lane Candy Cane Gift Card Holder

This is really just a box with an open end, just like yesterday's post but different dimensions.  

Cut your Candy Lane Paper 5 ½ x 5 ½ (so you can get 4 from 1 sheet of 12 x 12)
Punch and score at 2”, slide to 2 5/8 and punch and score again.

Now line up the score guide with the score line, punch and score (NOT THE RULER).  Do this 2 more times so 3 sides are punched and scored.  

For the last side only punch, don’t score (using the same process).  

See the photo at the right, I'm pointing to the last edge where I punch but didn't score.

Round your corners (love this other part of the envelope punch board!)

Now fold on the score lines (3 sides) and once folded, remove the 2 small pieces at the bottom edge (this bottom edge has a smaller triangle (the other smaller triangle is the top without score lines.    See photo below on the left side  (sorry not my best photography!)

Now fold your box and adhere side together with glue dots (so much easier!).  Put a belly band or ribbon around the front, stamp a cookie cutter creature and adhere to the front.   I liked the gingerbread man and I added a bow tie to him.  

If you don’t have the cookie cutter set, add a tree or a circle or a star… whatever you’d like. 

Put in your candy canes (just realized I did this after I took a photo! oops!) – and yes this box is sized just right for a gift card

Happy crafting - MaryKate 

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