Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Candy Lane Box for Regular Sized Notecards

We had a fun envelope punchboard class last night.  We made 2 envelopes to get used the board (one regular, one gift card sized) and then 3 projects.  Here's the first, I'll post the next 2 over the next 2 days.

To make the red Candy Lane Box for 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 notecards

1.Cut the cardstock 9 ½ square from a 12 x 12 and keep the remaining 2 pieces. 

Put a post it on your paper with a North, West, South, East marker (if you are learning to use the board for making boxes).

2.Go to the “north” side and the first punch and score is 4 ½  and second is 5 7/8 – tip… the punch board only goes to 5” so either link up your board on your grid paper or create a ruler as I did with the 5 7/8 (see the post it I created?)

3.Now put the “south” side of the paper on the top of the board, and punch and score at 4 ½ and 5 7/8

4.Then put the “west” side edge and line up the score lines with the score guide “which I call the finger” (NOT THE RULER at the top) of the punch board and punch and score.  So same for last “east” side – use the score guide.

5.Cut off 2 small tabs and cut up (not off) fold – see photo at right

6.Then glue the box together, make sure the 2 smaller triangles are either side with the large triangles on the top and bottom. First glue the 2 small tabs, then the big triangle from the bottom.  

7.To create the belly band, take the piece that is 12 x 2 ½ and cut into 12 x 1 ¼, glue together for a long strip. Fold gently around the box, once folded, press the folds firmly.  Now add a strip of Candy Lane paper that is 1” wide (you’ll need to glue the strips together.  Put your belly band on your box and add a cookie cutter creature or a cut out from the designer paper, I added a cut out of the house. 

8.My example also shows a card.  The box holds 4 cards and 4 envelopes, quite easily. 

Tomorrow I'll post a how-to for the Candy Cane Gift Card Holder (class favorite) and then instructions for the cracker (my favorite).

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Happy Crafting - MaryKate

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