Monday, December 12, 2016

EOS Hand Lotion box in Presents and Pinecones

This is a super cute fast box that can be made with a single sheet of cardstock and a tiny leftover piece of designer paper.  

Cardstock – 8 x 11″
Score on the LONG side at 1, 5.25, 6.25, 10.5″
Score on the SHORT side at 1, 5.5″
Presents and Pinecone Panel – 2.25 x 4″ - don't forget to round the edges of 2 corners. 

See below for a larger cutting diagram.  Start by placing the paper in landscape mode with the narrow score line to your left and the long 1” score at the bottom

With the ½ score line on your left, cut the 3 red boxes away.  Keep the larger red box as this is a good size scrap.  Cut the tabs on the bottom.  I like to “notch” the 2 tabs on the bottom and the tabs on the left – see my triangles to illustrate a “notch”.  Cut away the bottom left piece that is ½ x 1” and the top left that is ½ x 2 ½ - notch the edges.  Cut away the top piece that is the 3 panels that are the top right of your cardstock – the total cut piece is 6 ¼ x 2 ½.  Cut the bottom of the bag and notch the bottom edges that will tuck in.

Fold and burnish the score lines

On the “lid”, round the corners and while you’re at it, round the corners of your DSP to match (think about the direction of your pattern of the DSPJ); adhere the DSP to the “lid”

Use tear n tape on the left edge and secure the bag shut; Use tear n tape and secure the bottom of the bag.

Pinch shut and secure with twine.  I didn't score my edges (see right), I just pinched the box together.  

I wrapped my ribbons around 2-3 timesand tied a bow. 

I stamped a greeting for the outside.  

If you wanted to insert a card, make it 3 ½  x 7 folded

The bag fits an EOS lotion perfectly!  And as I write this on December 11 2016, CVS has these lotions on special for $1.99 (or 6 for $12.99 on Amazon!)

Happy crafting, MaryKate 

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