Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Big Gift Card Presents and Pinecones Pouch

So now gift cards are getting big... the cardboard around the gift card now makes this a 3 3/4 x 5" item and I need new gift card packaging to fit.  This pouch measures 6 x 4 finished.  

This is cute, fast and easy.  Cut a piece 4 x 12 and another strip 1 x 12.   The paper is pretty on both sides and matches.  So just turn the thin strip over and it will match the pouch.

Fold the long 4 x 12 piece in half around the pouch and gift card.   Take the strip of  piece 1” x 12 (or 11 if cardstock), fold in half, flag the ends.  Glue this to the pouch.  You'll find it's secured on the left side (side without the flagged ends). 

Now insert the big gift card and I think it's good to staple the whole packaged closed with the staple going through the horizontal strip, then the pouch and then the gift card.  Now it's secure.  

See the staple below? You can cover this staple with your decoration.  See the next photo and poof it's disappeared! 

You can add a tag or decoration.  I cut out a piece of matching paper. And I added a trinket (there are also pinecone trinkets to match -- and all of the trinkets are 50% off!)   Maybe a ribbon or twine??  Or a Christmas Tree, or the Cookie Cutter Critters?? 

Fast, cute, easy.   2 of these from 1 piece of designer paper.  Happy Crafting, MaryKate

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