Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Custom Sized Boxes for Small Gift Cards

At our online class last night we made custom size lidded gift boxes.  So easy.  And we did a fast refresher on the calculations. 

Here’s the lidded box for a regular gift card.  The box finishes at 4 x 2 ¼ and just fits a gift card. Can you see the gift card in the open box?  And yes they are not decorated yet (I was asked to post this early today after our class last night!!)

It's so easy to make your own boxes.  Here's a quick how to guide.  I like the box to be made of cardstock for the bottom and designer paper for the lid.  I also like my lid to be short enough so the bottom of the box shows.  

So the bottom of my gift card box is cardstock cut at 6 x 4 ¼.  How did I get that measurement?

The box needs to be 4” long plus 1” high for each side so 1+4+1 = 6.  And the width is 2 ¼ + 1” high for each side so 1+ 2 ¼ + 1 is 4 ¼.    Now take a smidge about 1/16 off 2 joining sides so it will be a smidge smaller than the lid for a nice fit. 

AFTER the smidge is off, score at 1”.  I know it’s 1” to score as that the height of my side.

So now the lid.  The lid needs to be 4” long plus 1/2” high for each side so 1/2+4+1/2 = 5.  And the side is 2 ¼ + 1/2” high for each side so 1/2+ 2 ¼ + 1/2 is 3 ¼. 

So the lid is 5 x 3 ¼.  I made this from designer paper.  Score at 1/2 on all sides.  You know it's 1/2" as this is the height of the sides.
Now cut the 4 edges off - see the red lines below, then take off a "notch" off each corner.  

Now a little glue (liquid or tear n tape) on the flaps (I used tear n tape here so you can see easily in the photo).

And here's another custom box.  This is to fit a tin from the dollar store that I filled with tags for a little present.  I think you can give just about anything if you wrap it / box it / decorate it up with style!

Happy crafting!  Leave a comment or ask a question, happy to help!  MaryKate


  1. your work is very good your custom boxes designes is very beautiful. i relly like your work .

    1. Thank you so much for your kinds words, happy crafting! MaryKate