Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday Cracker

Getting ready for Thanksgiving and getting my table organized ... I thought I'd use  a Christmas idea but with my favorite Vintage Leaves Stamp set

So it's a Thanksgiving Cracker - filled with candy.  

I used Vanilla paper and stamped with the leaves (instead of using the designer paper) and I really liked my own designer paper!! 

So I was in a rush to make them.. and then after making them realized I didn't take any photos (oops).  So here are instructions using the Candy Lane paper. We are creating this cracker as part of my class Dec 6  so I 'm sharing the instructions here that I created for my class. 

1.Cut the paper 5 ½ x 6”
2.The 6” is the length of the cracker (think about any directional pattern your paper has)
3.With the 6” along the top score at 1 1/4 and 4 3/4
4.With the 5 ½ along the top score at 1 ¼, 2 ½, 3 ¾ and 5”
5.Fold all score lines
6.With the 6” along the top of the punchboard, line the paper at the 1 1/4 “ punch (no scoring)
7.Flip over the paper, score at 1 ¼ - now your paper looks like this.  
8.Tip: I put a yellow sticky note at the 1 ¼” on the punch board, so it keeps me right there at 1 ¼ (good if you’re doing a lot and enjoying a glass of wine while crafting)
9.Repeat for all folds – see photo for how it looks when all the punching is completed

10.Pinch one end of the cracker and tie with ribbon, then put the candy and tie the other end (yup I’ve tied both ends then thought… hmm should have put in some candy J)

11.Decorate with the cookie cutter creature or a paper cutout  
Or if you want these for Thanksgiving... decorate with a leave or a thankful for you stamp.  

For class on Dec 6 we're making 2 envelopes and these 3 items below 

Happy crafting, MaryKate

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