Friday, November 11, 2016

Star of Light Shaker Card

Shaker cards are pretty, especially if you use a sparkly sequin or two or fifty.  J
The top card has the swirl embossed on a background card whereas the card below has a plain backing.  This card above has 2 straight ribbons and the one below, I’ve tied them with silver thread.  Do you have a preference?

The details, dimensions and how-to's:  Take a piece 4 x 5 ¼ and cut out the big star shape.  Now emboss the greeting on the front and 4-5 stars.  I do each stamp and emboss separately which takes a few minutes more but I find I can really stamp cleanly (after using the embossing buddy) and use the heat tool to lock down that greeting or star.  So do this each time until you are happy with your greeting and stars.  Each time you stamp and then add the embossing powder make sure you wipe off any extra speckles.   Once you heat them they are there to stay :)

Now the front of your card is complete.   Attach some tear and tape to the back and add a strip of sparkly sugarplum and silver ribbon.  Make sure they are not too tight.  Now with silver thread, tie the 2 ribbons together with a few knots, trim the ends.  Secure the window on top of the star shaped hole – see photo on the right.

If you want to have the swirl on the background, take a piece about 4 x 4 and silver emboss the swirl and cut this piece to fit your shape.  Adhere to main card base.  

Add the foam strips on the back around the edge and (not in the photo) you may want to make a big “diamond” around the star with the foam strips.  This takes a few more strips but it makes sure the sequins are in the middle near the star.  The top card has more foam vs the bottom card.  See the lower photo for the foam around the star.

Now remove the backing from the foam.  In the photos you’ll see the sequins get put on the card last.  So tip some sequins and the secure the front to the base covering the swirl and sequins.  Note the top on the sequins – they spill very easily J

Consider adding a greeting to the inside of the card and a few stars on the envelope.

This card takes a bit of time but has a real wow factor.  And once you get the hang of it, it's pretty quick to do a bunch of these

Happy crafting, happy embossing, MaryKate  

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