Friday, November 4, 2016

The Festive Flower Punch

This is an under-used punch and is so much more than just a poinsettia flower punch for the holidays!

You can use the matching stamp set Jesus is the Reason to stamp the veins of the leaves.  Or you can use other stamps that have leaf imprints, or a marker and draw on the leaves, or just leave them plain as I did. 

You’ll need in cherry cobbler: 8 large leaves and 4 small leaves; 2 moustache looking leaves, and 2 small leaves in wild wasabi and 2 of the “x’s” that are the flower in crushed curry – and 1” circle (that won’t show).  Gently fold (crease) the flowers down the center (not a firm fold just a crease). 

Put glue in the middle of the circle and then arrange 4 large leaves.  You’ll see that the leaves have a rounded end and a pointy end. I like the pointy end outwards and the round end in the middle.   Put more glue in the middle and arrange the next 4 large leaves.

Put glue on the ends of these large leaves and add the 4 small leaves.  Then gently fold (see photo below) and glue the 2 moustache looking leaves.  At this point I put the flower to one side for 15 min and let it dry, as you’ve likely used a fair bit of glue!

Then glue the 2 tiny crushed curry flowers in the center.  Add 2 wild wasabi leaves and if you wish a tag. 

You could sponge the leaves, you could draw the veins on with markers (all before you glue it together)... but I like it just the way it is.

I think I'll try this in vellum next!

Happy Crafting - MaryKate

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