Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Pigment sprinkles - a fun watercolor technique

Stampin Up just released pigment sprinkles.  6 jars of colored sprinkles. You can add the sprinkles directly to a card (use watercolor paper, wet the paper first) then drop sprinkles on the paper. 

Or you can create a watercolor look.  Put about 2oz of water in a small cup or glass, add sprinkles. More sprinkles darker color -- if too dark add more water and it's lighter. Brush on with a paintbrush or an aquapainter - anything works.

I wet my shimmer paper first then I painted on colors of the sunset.  Tip - make sure you don't mix yellow and purple as it will go brown.  

Let it dry - or dry with a heat tool.  The blowing hot air from your heat tool will make the color run in pretty ways. See above with the "clouds" look - this effect came from the heat tool blowing the colored water.

Once the water color is dry trim to 5 x 3 3/4 and attach to the silver edged cards. 

Now you can create a silhouette look. You could emboss an image on top of your watercolor paper.

A lot of different dies would work well.  If you are using an intricate die an easy way to attach it to your card front is to first put the large stickers on the cardstock.  

Now die cut your silhouette.  If it's a word be sure to have your sticker DOWN so your words won't be backwards.  Above is the back of the paper with the sticker with some of the dragonflies cut out. 

Now peel the back off the die cut sticker and you can easily stick the image on the card front. Perfect for small images or detailed images.  

Sometimes you might want you image to have a 3D look - so in this case - no need for the sticker - just glue the edge of the image to the card front. Can you see below how I only glued the bottom of the die cut?

I think these are super pretty. I put my greetings inside.  No need to decorate the envelope as it matches so nicely!

I hope you try it, happy crafting MaryKate

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