Friday, April 12, 2019

Butterfly Gala Pouch and notecards

This is my final post of the Butterfly Gala Projects. I’m hosting live classes and have an online “to go” class, see the Events / Workshops tab or details below the project. You will get all supplies to make projects and all the measurements and detailed instructions.

4 notecards are inside the pouch. The pouch was originally designed by Di Barnes in Australia and I (and others) have made a few adaptations.  

Each time I show this in class, people sit there and say .. that was truly 2 minutes to make, a few simple folds, and wow, it’s so cute.  Yes the ribbon and the front decoration is all included in your kit.

The cards are similar in design, you can use several greetings. I include all the circles (I used punches to create the circle layers) but it works fine with ovals or square (if you have those dies or punches).   

Your kit will have supplies for 4 notecards - in Daffodil, Lemon-Lime, Heather and this one Balmy Blue

I love notecards, a little less to write inside and all cut and scored ready for you.  Lots of ribbon choices for the pouch, you can see a lot of ribbons would work well for this project.

This is a live in-person class in Pittsfield ME May 18 and in-person on Anna Maria Florida May 10. 

It is also an online to go class for the month of May. You buy the stamp set and bundle and it is delivered to your door with all of these projects ready for you to create along with a full color detailed step by step tutorial.  Everything you need in one bundle!  Class is $40 in person and $48 delivered to your door to cover the Post Office charges. 

Email me for details  Just add ink – you can do all the projects with black ink or choose the matching colors.

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