Monday, June 11, 2018

Sour Cream Containers - a fun end of school treat package with Share What You Love Paper

A request (and always happy to take them!) for a "sour cream container". 

Here's the recipe.

Paper 4 x 6 if your paper has a direction make sure it is vertical on the 4" side, the direction of the paperclip in the photo.   I used the Share What you Love paper.

Put glue or tear n tape on the 4" side.

Now roll it up so it looks like a toilet roll.

Make sure your glue is dry

Now with your seam NOT in the middle but a bit towards one side (maybe 1/3 to the side), glue the bottom shut.  You could take a stylus and draw "lines" to look like a sour cream container (or if you had a crimper this works too).

Now take the half open container and close it (with a pinch not glue) the other direction. 

Fill with treats, it holds a lot. 

Now the fun - just a bit of decorating - I thought with school closing up for the summer what about graduation treats or just a "celebrate" from the Itty Bitty set.  

I added a flower cut from the paper and Pear Pizzazz shimmer ribbon just folded in half (about 5" or so).

Here it is with celebrate and leaves from the paper.

Sometimes it is hard to tell size in photos so here it is with a gift card - note a gift card will not fit, you would need to make it about 6 x 5 for a gift card to fit (so it would be "taller").

What do you think? Will you make one?  

So easy!

Happy stamping, MaryKate

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