Friday, June 22, 2018

Delightfully detailed laser paper with a watercolor wash

Delightfully detailed laser cut paper - it's white on one side, vanilla on the other.  The left card uses the vanilla side, the right uses the white.

Watercolored cards 7 x 5 (or you can buy the cards with the wash)
Delightfully detailed paper is cut 5 x 3 ½ from this pack of paper (I have a video link below so you can see it).

A few tips for adhering the laser cut paper.  Put your glue on your pad in a swirl – not a blob as it will create a blobby gluey sponge – and then use a section of sponge to mop up the glue and then HOLD DOWN the laser paper in 1 place and dob your gluey sponge on the paper.  Don’t move your laser paper as you will get glue on the front (don’t ask how I know this!) 

Then carefully stick down the gluey laser paper. 
This flower was colored with a dauber.

What do you think?  I think as a quick first effort I like it but I’d really like to use the matching stamp set which is in my craft room, not where I am now!  So I’ll make a few more cards with this technique and post again.
It was fun to try!

Happy stamping, MaryKate

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