Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Holiday Crafting Oct 22 1-4pm Pittsfield

Getting excited about our big crafting day Oct 22 1-4pm in Pittsfield 

We're making 5 projects: The Christmas Hearth (do you see the flickering fireplace?), a cute holiday purse with holly trim, a copper embossed card and tag set, a wine bag and tag, and a stack of cards with tags in pretty packaging. I just got the order in with all of our prizes and displays are arriving.... busy week... can't wait til Saturday.

Below is a closer view of the flickering Christmas hearth, I just love it!  Can you see the brick of the fireplace?  and the "fire" is 2 tea lights with reflections from Hershey's Kisses :)

I'll post instructions and details soon and more photos of the other projects as well.  
Message me for details on the event or projects or email me MaryKateScott@gmail.com

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