Thursday, October 27, 2016

Fun Witch (or Santa or Cookie Cutter) Hats

Fun, fast easy and cute.  Great if you have to make one for everyone in the grade 6 class (you know what I mean!)

For the witches hats punch out 2 Christmas trees with the tree punch (or there are tree dies as well).   Glue a clothespin to each side of the tree (which will be the hat).  Let this dry for a bit.  If you don't have the tree punch the triangle is 1 1/2 at the base and 2" from base to the tip.  The tree trunk is 1/4 x 3/8. 

Cut a circle 2 ½ with a punch or a die.  Cut out a 1” circle from the middle.  An easy way to make sure you are in the middle is to punch out a 1” piece and lightly adhere to the center of the circle. Now you can position your 1” punch perfectly!   Lightly fold (not a firm crease) the circle in half. 

Put a glue dot on the tree trunk and insert the tree inside the circle so the trunk is glue to the brim of the hat and the edge of the tree is outside the circle.  Do to both trees. 

Make a bow with the bow builder punch. 

Sometimes it's hard to see the size so hopefully the grid paper and this "fun size" candy treat shows you how big it is. 

For the Santa hat, you can use the tree punch again and punch 2 trees and trim the trunk off, or just cut 2 triangles to cover the clothespin.  Cut/punch out a ½ circle in glimmer paper and a 2” strip in glimmer (or if you don’t have glimmer use white and adhere dazzling diamonds to the cardstock). Glue the clothespin inside both red triangles, adhere the circle (pompom) and strip (brim) to the hat.

For the Cookie Cutter Christmas Creatures, stamp out 2 creatures and glue the clothespin inside both creatures.   You’ll see that I also glued a butterfly to a clothespin and I like that the clothespin shows, I think that’s cute too.  This looks cute on candy on a bag, on anything!

Happy crafting, MaryKate

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