Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Custom sized boxes

It's so easy to make your own boxes.  Here's a quick how to guide.  I like the box to be made of cardstock for the bottom and designer paper for the lid.  I also like my lid to be short enough so the bottom of the box shows.  But you can make it anyway you want.

Measure the size of the item.

For the bottom add up
The side + the bottom + the side = total size of the paper (square)

Cut a smidge or 1/16” off the bottom on 2 sides that are joined (not 2 opposite sides) – see the  photo on the right.

Then score using the measurement for the sides (the depth of the box).  See the photo  right, you’ll see I cover the blade with washi so I don’t accidentally cut the paper!

For the lid, do the same, add up the side, bottom and side (but if you’re like me and want the bottom of the box to show, your lid sides will be less that you bottom of the box)

Here’s an example.    

For a rectangle box such as a stamp set it’s 5 1/2 x 8. 
For the bottom I need a piece (remember Measure, Cut, Smidge then Score using the depth measurement in this ase 1 1/2)
Width:  1 ½ +  5 ½ +  1 ½   = 8 ½
Length  1 ½ + 8 + 1 ½  = 11

Cut your paper 8 ½ x 11 and then cut off a smidge 1/16” and  score at 1 ½ all around (the depth of the bottom of the box)
For the top I need a piece
Width:  1 +  5 ½ +  1   = 7 ½
Length  1 + 8 + = 10

So once measured, cut, smidge off the bottom, score and then trim (or miter) the edges off the tabs, just a bit, can you see my left over bits in the photo?

Here's a diagram with cutting and scoring lines.  

Then tape or glue up your box, I used tear n tape here as it's easier to see in the photo, but I usually use liquid tombow or fuse.

And here's the finished box and you can see it fits the tin inside just perfectly.  

Happy crafting! MaryKate 

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