Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Birthday Cards - a fun kit with Light the Candles, video included

Hi all!

This is a super fun birthday card kit.  The kit makes 8 cards (great for men, women, children), just fun birthday cake and candles! 

Click here to see me make the cards it's a short video, I make just 2 (I know you are busy crafters!)

Kits are available in my online store, you click on the cart and select "kits" from the product list.  

I made up the 2nd card as designed and then also with a "wonky" look.. which do you prefer?

Everything you need is in the kit: all the project supplies, the stamp set, ink, block and adhesives.  I love that it's so portable.  Kits are perfect if you are away from your own craft room (perhaps you are a snowbird?).

Here's a link to the instructions (if you'd like to see how the cards go together).

Click here for the instruction set

Lot's of choices with our Kits collection.  

Let me know if you have questions! 

Happy Crafting, MaryKate


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