Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Whale Done Diorama Card

I put off making one of these cards (that my team mate Cathy created) as I thought it would be hard!! And they are so easy 😊

This card will easily fit flat into a regular envelope.

Here's a short video that makes it super easy to put this card together Click here for the video

Cardstock: cut 2 pieces 7 x 3 and score at 1 ½ from each end (these are your front and your back “walls”). Cut 1 piece 5 ½ x 3 and score at ¾ from each end, this is your middle “wall”.
Before you put this together
1.       Decorate your back wall (I used the turtle designer paper) with stamping, a photo or designer paper) that is 4 x 3
2.       Decorate your front wall (remember a lot of this will be removed with the largest stitched shape oval) and the 2 sides. I used designer paper cut 3 x 4 (front wall) and 1 ½ x 3 for the 2 sides
3.       Decorate your middle panel with a piece cut 3 x 4

Now you have decorated the walls, die cut the front wall with the largest stitched shape oval and die cut the middle wall with the 2nd largest oval die.

You are ready to put this together.
Start with the back panel and adhere the middle wall to either side.
Add the front wall.
As you adhere panels, keep your project FLAT on your surface and simply place the panels on top of each other (I think/hope the video shows you how easy this is!)

Add a greeting – I added “my love for you is bigger than the ocean” and maybe add a few sequins!

Alternative idea… you can make the panels and the designer paper as high as 4 ¼ and it will be a more square diorama card. I used the 3” height as I wanted to maximize my designer paper 😊

Happy card making! MaryKate

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