Sunday, March 24, 2019

Paper Pumpkin March 2019 - A box of birthday cards

Wow I love this month's Paper Pumpkin (a crafting subscription $20 a month).

This month we got 2 stamps (not just 1 as usual) and supplies for 8 pop up cards.

Here's the short video that shows you what you get and how to make it.

And here are my cards - I pretty much did the cards as designed.  I'll post a few alternatives later this week. 

I love that they have a pop up feature!

I decided to keep these as I send a lot of birthday cards out.  

I made a box -- usual size for cards but I added 1 1/2" to the end so it's longer. And I put in an insert for the numbers.

I made the cards up... but didn't add numbers, thinking that I'll add them as I need them. So this box with the storage at the end is perfect.  It's quite a big box as it finishes at 7 1/2" long

What do you think?  
Super fun.

Next April it's "Distinktive Stamps" these are stamps that have a "photo realistic quality".  I'm excited to get it. If you want a Paper Pumpkin kit (you can buy 1 month or several months), just let me know or click on the shopping cart and order one. Be sure to do this by April 10th - the 10th of the month is the cutoff for Paper Pumpkin ... unless they sell out before the 10th.

Happy to answer questions

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