Wednesday, March 6, 2019

A Man's Shirt card - fun origami

I got this idea from a book on origami.   This one is a welcome grandbaby card.

Take a piece of lightweight designer paper 6 x 10”

Score (or just fold) in the sides so they meet in the middle, your piece is now 3 x 10” (long and skinny)

Fold the top of this piece to the back at about ¾” (this will be the collar)

Now bring the back to the front so you can see the collar (see photo) I started about 1 ¾” down from the top of the collar

Create a space for your greeting (it’s not that big!) by folding back the sides (at the bottom) see photo, I started about 4 ¼” from the bottom

Now fold the bottom up and tuck it into the collar. 

Unfold and insert a greeting – my white card is 4 x 2 ¾.

I like the tropical shirt look (my husband wears Hawaiian shirts!) 

Add some buttons.  We have some cute tropical buttons and during Holiday 2019 we had these metal buttons (now retired).

When you add buttons be sure to put a bit of thread or twine in the holes, it just looks better I think.  See my photo where I have one threaded and one not? Which do you like better?

I hope you try it, it's really easy and I think it's a fun masculine card!

Happy crafting, MaryKate

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