Tuesday, January 23, 2018

It's a snow day!

It’s a snow day!  Even though I still have to work on a snow day, I still share in the fun when I get the news from kids and teacher-friends!

So I thought I’d make snow day projects!  Quick cards using Memories and More – I just copied the catalog, why not make it easy – so much inspiration!  These cards are called "color theory".

Then I created another one and to make the snow, I splattered on some glue. You put a small squirt (1/2 tsp) of glue in a small pot, 1 tsp of water, mix and then dip your aquapainter in the gluey mixture, tap the brush so it splatters a fine mist of watery glue, then sprinkle on dazzling diamonds.  Snow! 

The next is a Memories and More book (or a start on a book).  So easy, and so simple. 

My friend missed craft class as her (super-cute) grandson and she played in the snow with him (so glad she did, these are priceless days).  So I thought I’d grab a few of the Memories & More snowy cards and create some pages.  

I’ll finish the book and she can do the journaling.  This would be a fun gift for a parent or grandparent (or friend who you travel with ).

Quick and easy… just a fun lunchtime crafting escape for me. Now back to work … no snow day for me :( 

Happy snow day everyone - MaryKate

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