Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Tree decorations - Cookie Cutter Creatures and more

Decorating my tree with my paper crafts!

This one is the Cookie Cutter creature (and you can see our wedding picture ornament from 7 years ago, just to the right!. 

We don't do "decorator tree".. we just put up ornaments from the past 25 years and keep adding to them!

Here's a few more..you know I love coffee... so I put this Coffee Cafe cup on the tree (and I have a Starbucks ornament my sister gave me from about 15 years ago!)

This was a tag from last year... I save all my decorations.. it's like finding old "friends" when it's tree trimming time!

Another tag (that was a fun project kit)... we have a lot of planes and boats on our tree!

Here's a few more Cookie Cutter Creatures - another wedding photo ornament on the right!

I love this Eskimo Cookie Cutter Creature.. and the Gingerbread... I just stamped and punched them out (dimensions in the middle).

I'm feeling inspired, I think I'm going to cut out some snowflakes and maybe the Adirondack chair from Seasonal Colors and add them to the tree... 

Tomorrow I'll post a few more photos of my tree, I also add a lot of mini packages to the tree and on Christmas morning, I "make" people find these packages (not the giant shower cap box.. see the post from last week on that!!)

happy crafting, happy holidays -MaryKate

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