Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Fast & Fabulous: 5 quick and easy cards from 1 sheet of cardstock with Eden's Garden

Hello crafters 

This project is about creating 5 cards at once with a simple template.  Choose a stamp set that has a combination of flowers and leaves and keep it simple with just 2 colors.  You will stamp on 1 sheet, then cut this sheet into 5 bases, then you’ll add layers and greetings, embellishments if you wish. 

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Fast and Fabulous Quick Easy Greeting Cards

You start by creating a template, you can either use a pencil or a score tool.  I used a pencil so the template would show up easily. If you use a pencil, you’ll trim your card front just a tiny bit so the pencil lines won’t show.


Follow the template and mark off the 5 pieces that are each 4.75 x 3.5” that is 12cmx9cm. There are 2 waste pieces, the ½” or 1cm left on the right and the 2 bottom small pieces.

Now to stamping with a few tips:


1.    You will stamp so that 2 corners have stamping with the remaining part of the card for your greeting.

2.    Stamp the larger flower 7 times, considering each of your card bases.

3.    Stamp the larger leaf at least once on each base

4.    Stamp the smaller leaf at least once on each base.

Now you are ready to cut your bases. The first cut is just past the pencil line (so it won’t show). The second cut is on the other side of the pencil line.

You have 5 bases! Choices: will they be horizontal or vertical? Do you feel you have enough stamping, or do you wish to stamp a bit more?

What layers will you create?

A quick option is to use the same template but add 1/8” or .3cm (yes very small) to each measurement.

So first vertical cut is 4 7/8, second is 8 3/8, then you cut the 5 pieces so they finish 4 7/8 x 3 5/8.  That is 12.3cm x 9.cm finished.

This is really a “two-sheet” wonder, 1 sheet for the top layer of stamped bases and 1 solid cardstock sheet for the layers.

Another option is to use your left-over pieces and add layers. I did this and used Highland Heather, Granny Apple Green and Silver Foil.

Let’s create cards.

You can either stamp right on the base (quick, easy) or you can stamp and punch out shapes.  I love both options and they are fast and fabulous. 

My thank you cards  My layers are Silver foil. I used the Lovely Label punch. and the lower card has a 2nd punch split in 2 so there’s a shadow silver effect. 

The upper card uses some Silver Mesh ribbon to bring out the silver, along with a rhinestone.

Still fast but a bit stepped up with metallic paper and ribbon.


The lower card has a 2nd punch split in 2 so there’s a shadow silver effect. I used the bough punch for leaves – all of the greeting embellishments are up to you.

A “fast” tip: I keep a pot of shapes (punched shapes or die cut shapes) and when I need a card, I just get a shape that is all ready and I add it to a card.  


You can just see that I also stamped my envelopes, I love the matching look and it takes just a few extra seconds.


These cards work vertically or horizontally.  

This is a fun "girls afternoon of crafting".  You can have the templates ready and each person stamps and cut their own cards.  These are fun cards for “just a note” or birthday or Christmas.  It’s also relatively inexpensive, 2 sheets of cardstock and scraps for greetings, along with ribbon and embellishments.

If you are looking for a simple fast card holder our new treat packaging “Embossed Treat Bags” 159251is a ready made bag that easily holds 5 cards and an envelope!

This would be a fun to do toegether and is easy, fast preparation!

Here's link for my online store to purchase this pretty stamp set

I hope you try this technique!

Happy Stamping - MaryKate









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