Friday, November 27, 2020

A "Tiffany" Box - how to make a custom sized box the easy way!

Our team holiday party includes a gift exchange - the gift can only be $1-$2 but the packaging needs to be gorgeous!

Here's my present to my "secret stampin sister"!

I made the base and lid, then I wrapped ribbon around the lid only, securing the ribbon to the inside lid. Then to make it pretty I added an extra piece of the Coastal Cabana to cover the attached ribbon - see the 3rd photo.

I hope it looks like a Tiffany box! It's easy to make a custom box.  Just measure your item eg if your item is 4 x 5 and you want your box to be just a bit bigger.  

If you want the base of the box to be 1" deep you add 1" (for both sides of the box) to the side that is 4" (total 6") and to the other side at 5" (total 7"). Cut you paper 5" x 7".  Take a 1/16 off 2 connecting sides. Now score on all 4 sides at 1"

For the lid, I want the lid to be not as deep as the base so just 1/2" so it's 1/2" for both sides plus 4 (total 5") and then 1/2 both sides for the 5" side (total 6"), so I cut my lid 5 x 6 and score on all 4 side at 1/2"

If you want to see a few other boxes with other measurements click here to see smaller gift card size boxes

Or if you are a video learner here's a great video click here for the video

Or email me for a "custom size box worksheet" to make the math easy! I'm at

I love the look of Coastal Cabana cardstock and white ribbon with the silver edge! So simple but so elegant!

Really, anything is a gift if it's wrapped up gorgeously!

Happy creating, MaryKate

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