Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Boho Medley - how to make a Hawaiian Shirt Greeting Card

This is origami, no glue needed! The card fits into a regular envelope.  

Instructions below or click here for the video (if you want to skip to the shirt go to 4min 40sec) 

click here for the quick video

My husband Charlie wears a lot of Hawaiian shirts and has one for "evening wear" "lunch" "yard work" all occasions really!  Here's his closet, shhh don't tell I posted this!!  

1.    Select 2 pieces of the Hawaiian paper, cut 1 to 4 ½ x 6 and the other 6 x 6. Overlap the paper by ½” so you have a piece finished at 6 x 10

2.    Fold in the sides so they meet in the middle, your piece is now 3 x 10” (long and skinny)

3.    Fold the top of this piece to the back at about ¾” (this will be the collar)

4.    Now bring the back to the front so you can see the collar; I started about 1 ¾” down from the top of the collar

5.    Create a space for your greeting (it’s not that big!) by folding back the lower sides (at the bottom) see photo, I started about 4 ¼” from the bottom

6.    Now fold the bottom up and tuck it into the collar.

7.    Unfold and insert a greeting on the Vanilla piece cut 2 ½ x 4

8.    Fold the shirt closed.

9.    Add some flowers for buttons.  Decorate your vanilla envelope with matching design paper (cut 5 ½ x 2), trimmed to the envelope

I used the Boho Medley paper!  Such a great Medley (stamps, dies, die cuts, designer paper, 2 rolls of ribbon, embossing paper, the flower "button" embellishments) a fabulous gift for yourself or a crafty friend. Purchase this in my online store and I'll send you a tutorial with 15 projects and a kit of supplies all cut and prepped for you to make 6 of these projects.

I hope you get one for yourself, I've loved playing with this fun set.  And if you are a team member, don't hesitate to send me an email to get your free copy of this tutorial - a great team member perk!  With your discount this medley is $52.50.  If you are interested in the discount, tutorial or have questions, don't hesitate to reach out!

Happy stamping, MaryKate

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