Tuesday, March 24, 2020

The Stand Up Easter "Pleased as Punch" Card

I'm showing you a series of fun easy folds this week, using the Pleased as Punch paper.  This one is the "stand up" card. One tiny tip makes it so simple.

A close up of a piece of paper

Description automatically generatedThe Stand Up Card dimensions
Designer Paper 5 ¼” X 4” for back.
Gorgeous Grape main card 4 ¼” X 11”, scored at 5 ½”,7”, 9” and 10 ½”
Crushed Curry 5 ½” X 2 ¾”, scored at 3 ½” X 5”
White front 3 ¼” X 2 ½”
Punched umbrella and handle, 3 flowers and a leaf with 4” of tulle

Supplies:  Pleased as Punch Paper, matching punches, matching cardstock, embellishments.  And I find tear n tape really handy (but not essential).

I used Timeless Tulips for my greeting.

Adhere the Designer paper to the back of the main Grape base

Fold up this card on the score lines and use a bone folder to crease them well.  

Above is the view from above the folds and tear n tape Add tear and tape (or glue carefully) to the ½” edges (that last score line) of both the grape and the curry pieces.

Fold the grape piece so the 2nd fold at 7” is FLAT on the edge of your surface (below my index finger), remove the tear n tape and adhere the top part of the grape cardstock to the back (with the flowered designer paper).  See above, just fold the grape cardstock flat on the table, underneath my middle finger is the tear tape, pull the back off and then fold flat onto the table.

For the Crushed Curry piece secure to the Grape box front by putting the lower edge of the curry piece on the 7” score line (of the grape base). Lie card flat, remove tear and tape (my pen is pointing to the tear tape) and close the card flat pressing this small flap in place while it’s flat to secure to the flowered paper

Make the front:  stamp your greetings on the white piece, add the umbrella with dimensions, handle, flowers, leaf and then tie a knot in the tulle and push the knot below the flowers. 

That's it... the tip to remember is to fold the card flat on the work surface and let the folds help you line up where the card is connected.

I really hope you make one of these!

Happy stamping, 
Happy Easter,

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