Friday, January 31, 2020

Quick update to Tropical Memories & More Bag

So... my instructions were not so clear for this cute bag! So sorry.  And I appreciate the question!

Here's more detail:

1. Cut the paper 6 x 6
2. Determine which is your top (eg consider paper direction) such as my flamingos where the "top is clear".

3. Along the top - score at 3/4
4. Along the bottom - score at 3/4
5. Along both sides score at 1" 
6. Fold over the "cuff" on the top of the bag.

The photo above has a cut bag on the right and the left bag is made up. 

6. Trim the tabs at the bottom of the bag - cut up 3/4" to the side score lines (see the photo above, right hand side)
7. Secure the bottom of the bag to these tabs.
8. Make a 2nd bag the same way

9. Put 1 bag on top of each other and adhere the sides and bottom together. I find putting tombow on the sides and bottom of 1 bag easy, and I just lay them on top of each other.  
10. Adhere down the cuff 

11. Punch 2 holes and insert about 10-12" of ribbon (knot the ribbon inside the bag) on both bags

Now it's ready for your small Memories and More notecards!

Quick and easy, perfect for your 6x6 sheets!

Happy crafting, MaryKate

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