Saturday, April 14, 2018

Beautiful Day Cards in a Pouch

This set uses the Beautiful Day stamp set, the Petal Passion paper for the pouch and the Sweet Soiree for the green stripes on the card.  The paper is retiring by May 31 or sooner if it runs out, so get it while it's still here!!  

Stamp 4 flowers with memento ink. Hand cut.   Color in with blends. So fun, so easy and everyone flower in every color is wow!

Now create the cards.  I used the notecards (20 for $6, finished at 3 ½ x 5), a 2 x 5 strip of the green stripe and a 1 ¾ strip of vellum (it just softens the green stripe).  Adhered down the 2 strips, add the flower, stamp and adhere the greeting (1/2 strip with another ½ strip of Old Olive, both flagged).  Maybe a rhinestone? Or Pearl? Or a colored dot.  Maybe pearls in the center of the flower?

Now make the pouch
Cut the Sheet at 7 ½ x 12”
Score on the long side at 5 ½ and 6 ½
Score on the short side at 1 7/8 from each end – the red dashed lines.

Fold the red line into a valley fold so the edge with the C’s is sticking up straight.  I put my fingernail at point A, and bring point C to point B which is flat on my table.  Because the edge of the paper with the point C is folded up, the diagonal fold line is created at 90 degrees

And finally make the “cover flap” for the pouch and the belly band. 

The blue thick lines are where you will put glue AFTER you created and insert the back flap.

To make the closure, cut the matching piece 3 3/4 x 6, score at 4 and 4 ½. Fold on the score lines.   See the red dashes for score lines. 

See the green lines for cutting.  The long green lines are just ¼ “ in from the edge. Measure this and cut (it’s easy with your trimmer – line up the top with the groove and then the bottom is ¼” over and then trim that tiny bit of each side. It really makes a difference.  See the top 2 green cutting lines?  Cut. No need to measure, they will be hidden in the pouch.

Now adhere the back of the flap that is 1 ½ by  3 ¾ (less what you trimmed) into the back of the pouch. Secure this. 

I then adhere down each folded side to hold the insides of the bag together.

Make a belly band about 3/4 wide x 10” from matching  Basic Black card stock, fold it around the pouch gently, then once the folds are in place fold it firmly, adhere the ends together  and attach a 5/8 strip of old olive to match your leaves and the green striped paper on the cards, and then add a ½ strip of vellum, then your 4th flower

A really easy but very wow project.  

If you like the project, and place an order for $50 using the host code 6DCATKJN (top right of this page), I'll send you full color instructions in a pdf and all the paper supplies to make 3 cards and the pouch.  Everything all cut and scored so you can get right to crafting! I can't send the images but many many stamps would work very well for this set!  All you supply is the Blends, watercolor pencils, markers... all work perfectly!

Happy crafting MaryKate

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