Friday, February 9, 2018

Mom's Gal-entine Day Party Box

My Mom has a Gal-entine’s party for her girlfriends every year on Valentine's Day.

Most of them are widows and my  Mom says “no need to stay home” and “...been waiting to open that great bottle of wine?? Well this is the night”!

So I create invitations, party favors, decorations and treat boxes for her party.  You can find all these items on the blog in the past 3-4 weeks with all dimensions and how-to's. 

Here’s the box of goodies headed to Florida.  I put in the extra hearts for her table decor.

My sister and her dog Molly will be there this year so I’m guessing a big party is on the way! 

She doesn’t always love my crafts but the little boxes are full of Godiva chocolates, so at least some of these will meet with approval!  LOL

Mom also like extra favors and she and I like to give our Valentine’s to all the people we see every day  that we love and appreciate.  I give Valentines to the town office, the post office, my doctor’s office, the bankers in town – I love and appreciate them all.

What are your Valentine traditions? 

Happy Valentine Stamping, MaryKate

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