Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Stamping on Tiles

These coasters are made by Lori S. ... I think they are just wow!  We did some stamping on tiles at my class recently (we did 2) and she went home and made 16!!!

I had a lot of requests for the information on how to and the products.   So details below. 

The stamp set is High Tide... a personal favorite and it will also be in the new catalog so happy it's not retiring.  You can buy it in my online store, if you wish.  Below on the right is the catalog page so you can see all the stamps.  

Quick edit to the post... the tiles are 4x4".. seems my photography got a bit wonky sorry! MKS

The key to stamping on tile is to use Stazon Ink, and then spray with Krylon

1.Wipe the dust off the tile (if your cloth is damp let the tile dry), I used tiles from Home Depot, you get 9 tiles for $3.97 (in the floor/wall tile section).

2.Plan your stamping… I draw a 4 x 4 on my grid paper and figure out where I want my images and sentiment. For my sentiment I find a part of the tile that is smoother, and not so porous.
3.Stamp your images, make sure you use Stazon that is “wet and inky”, you want to have a lot of ink on your stamp
4.Stamp firmly.
5.If you don’t get a perfect image, really it’s ok, it’s a tile, but if you wish you can color in with a Sharpie (and this is a way to add color)

6.Your stamp will be stained… Stazon is permanent but it doesn’t affect your stamps

7.Spray the tile with Krylon outside (it’s fumy!)  (I bought mine from Amazon $6.50)
8.Let it dry a good hour preferably 2 hours

9.The next day add the cork sheet (I bought mine from Amazon 24 sheets 3 ¾ square for $12.50) they are self adhesive.  Search “coaster cork backing”.  

We created several cards as well as the coasters and an LLBean bag to mach.  Here are some of the things we made... cute!!  email me for the patterns or the information.  

Happy Crafting, MaryKate

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