Monday, May 15, 2017

Paper Pumpkin - what did you love from the 2016 projects?

Hi... so the Paper Pumpkin special offer (25% off for first time subscribers) sparked questions.. and the #1 was:  what do I get??  So, if you were a subscriber in 2016 here's what you would have received in your below for the 2 minute video

Do you have a favorite?  My top 3 favorites were February, March, and November (and if I got to pick a 4th it would be October).  I love the card sets.. some people love the 3D projects!

And... which one do you think had the most requests for refills?  (Refills are $8 and including all supplies ex the ink and stamps - which you can reuse many times).... September.. the Halloween project!

Remember... you can subscribe, or just order 1 month (or 3, 6 or 12), you can return what you don't like and have fun with it!  It's fun to enjoy the surprise and maybe do a project that you might not think of doing.

And now it's 25% off for 3 months for first time subscribers!

Happy to answer questions, Happy crafting - MaryKate

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