Thursday, June 18, 2020

Sweet Treat Camp Parcel

Did you go to camp? Sleep away camp ... I did and loved it! So many fun memories. I loved getting parcels, so when my niece went to camp at age 11 I created parcels for her... right up until she was a counselor and now she's nearly finished college and this is the first year she will not be at camp.

I digress... so when my friend let me know her daughter was headed to sleep away camp, I knew she had to get parcels!!  You always want to hear your name at mail call :)

She's away only a week so that means just 2 parcels (and I have to hurry up as they are going from Maine to Idaho!).  

Here's the first one -- a bundle of water balloons, camp decor, glow in the dark bracelets, a diary with a sparkly pen, a flashlight, snacks, Moose Poop, clips, scrunchies (we girls can never have enough) and I put in 4 small notecards (with stamps).

I thought you might like to see the cards and holder made with Sweet Treats - don't fall in love with the paper, it's retired but I thought perfect as it's cute and DSP makes it fast to make cards. I have 1 day to create 2 parcels!!

Here's a link on how to make the holder - very easy.
Click here to go to a post for the holder instructions

And here's my second parcel - it's a "Cookie Tasting and Crafting Afternoon" for her and her friends! A paper pumpkin with bright pretty colors (the May 2020 kit) and 4 flavors of Oreo's. I had no idea that Oreo's come in so many new flavors! This goes Saturday to arrives on Tuesday (latest Wednesday - who knows with post these days!)

And I added in a fun book on crafting.  She loves paper and yarn crafting.

I'll be sending a few cards as well.... it's important to win "mail call" at camp... and it's great when parcels arrive that are made for sharing!

Did you get camp parcels? What would you put into a camp parcel??

Happy crafting, happy summer, MaryKate

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