Thursday, June 25, 2020

Jar of Flowers Clothes Pin

I had a fun workshop yesterday and needed to whip up a decorated clothes pin!  I use these pins to show the card (or the card in progress) at a workshop. 

Crafters like to see the finished product and when it's up a bit higher it's easier to see and then everyone gets used to "looking for the pin with the card".

I adhered a 2" strip of the paper (cut 2x6 as the paper is 6x6) and then cut a piece 2x3.  You don't see the join as I covered it with a big sunflower (from the back of the paper. 

In fact it is 2 sunflowers, a bit scrunched up.  Underneath the flowers is about 12" of the Misty Blue  and Silver Twine - part of a great ribbon combo.

My friend Carla Blake make me a 12" pin that I loved so much... but for workshops I prefer the 9" tall pins.  I get mine on Amazon. Here it is plain... you can see why I like a little decoration!

A fun workshop - we made Jar of Flowers cards, treat packaging and a Memories and More card - I'm doing in person and online workshops - let me know if you want to gather!!

Happy stamping, MaryKate

PS - the pretty paper, twine, all the supplies are in my online store. Don't miss out on the extra $25 in free goodies this month, email me and I can answer questions. Hope to see you soon, either in person (see my schedule, or at your workshop) or online!

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