Thursday, December 6, 2018

Santa Gift Card Envelope

Hi -- I've a few different options for you to create fun gift card holders.  

This one uses the envelope punch board and is quick and easy.  

It opens up and there's a card to sign and a place for the gift card.

Here it is with the card and gift card inserted.

This was inspired by Chris Slogar who made a similar gift card envelope.

The paper is 8 x 8. Start your first punch at 3 ¼,, punch and score.  Now IGNORE the ruler and match the indicator to the score line.  Do this 3 times.. So it looks like an  envelope.

Put the LARGER triangles to the “north-south” direction.  Score a line from top to bottom with either a ruler/stylus, or a trimmer or your simply scored.

Now fold up the triangles to this score line. 

Snip out these triangles.  So now you have 2 left over pieces that are square (throw these away – ugh I hate waste!).

Round the corners of the 2 SMALLER triangles.

Burnish the folds.  This folds so easily into a gift card folder. Just adhere down the 2 envelope sides. 

Add the ½ strip to the inside card, stamp a greeting.

Put the ribbon on the outside, I adhered the ribbon with tear n tape, my ribbon was about 16" long.  Then I tied it with white twine.  If you wish decorate the front. 

When I took these photos I used the All is Bright paper and then last minute I changed my mind and used a Santa Workshop Santa with the Memories & More cards (I had a lot left after the advent calendar)

Super quick and easy!!! I hope you try it.  Happy gift wrapping - MaryKate

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