Tuesday, November 13, 2018

OnStage in Orlando - 7000 demonstrators and so much fun!

 What a great time we all had in Orlando. Here's the first of a few posts showing you highlights of the event.  

7000 demonstrators attended and 2 of my team - Cathy Jones and Susan Morrison came with me.  

We got a TON of free stuff!  5 new stamp sets, the tool bag (more photos coming on this), a great big bag (can you see the striped blue bag? it's huge and its zips into a nice small pouch), a market bag that is reversible and of course new catalogs.

More on the tool bag... we hear that it will be available for sale but no details yet. Stay tuned. It's about 10" x 7" and has a nice foldout section for our tools (snips, bonefolder, pick me up tool, the pointy thing and more), and 2 zip pouches as well.  Love it!

OnStage is about learning new techniques, seeing new products and the new catalog.. but it's also about celebrating success.  Here we are celebrating Susan's achievement to Silver, it's a big promotion. Not that many people are standing... and it's really a big deal.

On to our new catalog and here's Cathy with it. We can show you anything and everything but not inside the catalog.  

Here are some of the display boards, not so many so sorry, but with so many demo's it was hard to get photos.  You'll love some of this wow new paper and pretty Memory and More cards.  Just a mini catalog (bit smaller vs holiday and a lots smaller than the Annual - but packed with Birthday, Valentines, Spring, Easter, Sympathy, Mother's Day and more).  

We each get a number for prize patrol and when your number is called, you get the wining set.  And a lucky few got a golden ticket, as Cathy did!! So she was allowed to select any of the 8 sets that were prizes!!

We really had fun hanging out with our big team (total about 250 and about 35 came to the event).  And we had a scavenger hunt, and 1 of our tasks was to get a photo with Rich Judkins, he is the President and COO and we swarmed him. He was such a great sport. 

Before the OnStage event I earned a ticket to Epcot and we all enjoyed a great day out. We loved the UK Tea Shoppe and this Buckingham Palace soldier!

And we got to meet Micky Mouse (ok it was goofy but so fun).

Fireworks were amazing as was the whole Food and Wine Festival.  A great day out.  

Stay tuned, lots more photos and samples to share!

Happy crafting MaryKate

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